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Here is what we offer for restaurants and cafes

  • Custom coded websites hand crafted and designed from the ground up
  • Website design and branding specifically for restuarants
  • Custom logos and animation
  • Online Real Time App Ordering Integration with your website
  • unlimited orders with zero order fees.

Premium Online Ordering System

  • Turn our website into an online ordering machine

    Use our customizable tailored ordering technology to drive your online orders and get them straight to your phone in real time. Regardless of how much your business grows you can lock in unlimited orders with zero order fees.

How It Works

  • We will build out an online custom menu based on the items you currently have in your restaurant
  • Customers will be able to order straight from your website with the premium* option to pay on your site as well before placing on order
  • Once an order is placed on the website, both you and the customer will get instant feedback and an alert to you will be made on your restaurant phone or tablet.
  • You will be able to see all the details of your order and the expected pick up time ( we can customize minimum pick up times, ie. ½ hour in advance)

No Fancy Ordering Device Needed.
Just your regular phone or tablet will do

  • We will send you a code which will install app onto your device and you will be ready to go
  • We will set up the menu on your website so customers can place the order. The menu can be the current restaurant menu item or whatever you decide.

Our Standard Pricing

  • customer pays for online order during pickup or phone callback
  • $29 / month unlimited orders no fees + 100% support and menu upgrades
  • $ 100 menu setup fee with website and app integration
  • No contracts or initiation fees

Our Premium Pricing

  • customers can or must pay online before a online order is made
  • $79 / month unlimited orders
  • Only merchant/banking transaction fees (ie. Stripe ~2.9% per transaction)
  • Set up and get paid with Stripe or Paypal easily

What We Will Need From You To Get Started Right Away

  • Your website login and password to place the code on your site
  • Sign a simple developer contractor form to get started
  • No contracts or initiation fees. Our pricing is transparent.
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