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Mobi2Go Online Ordering Platform Reviews

Mobi2Go online ordering platform review, pricing and my two cents. As a developer who has experimented with various different ordering platforms, I offer the pros and cons of using Mobi2Go for a restaurant.

By Alex Quasar

Mobi2Go is a fully white label online ordering solution that can be embedded right into your website and offers menu customization and branding that a lot of other online ordering platforms do not have.  Below I explore the platforms pricing,  features, customization , UX experience,  and menu management design and capabilities. 


Mobi2Go is a fully white label online ordering solution that can be embedded right into your website.  To get a look and feel for it you can see Japonais Bistro in Edmonton currently is using it. The biggest advantage I see for using Mobi2Go is that the menu can be customized and styled and is fully embedded in your site, unlike many other online ordering platforms.  If you are using a POS system and want your online ordering system to be integrated and synced to use your POS as the source of truth for your menu then it is definitely worth a look. One draw back is the setup fees associated with Mobi2Go are expensive. However, they give you the option to setup yourself as well.


Mobi2Go stands as a pricier option for restaurants. With the higher price tag comes the option of POS ( point of sale ) integrations for a wide variety or popular systems. These include Light Speed and Square as well as various other providers. The pricing for Mobi2Go found here is Canadian  $59/month + 3% of all sales.  The 3% could be expensive if you are getting a lot of sales and the 3% is in addition to merchant transaction fees. 

As an aside, some commission based ordering apps offer you flexibility and you may be able to negotiate a cap on fees depending on the volume of your orders. 


Mobi2Go partners with a few different delivery services such as Orderlord and Postmates. You have the option to offer delivery if you want to from your online menu or you can still choose to go with Skip The Dishes or DoorDash. 

Customer User Experience

Customer user experience for online ordering is critical. You can think of your online ordering menu similar to an eCommerce checkout. We all know how easy it is to order on Amazon and online ordering should be made as easy as possible for your customers as well in order to maximize your online revenue.  Mobi2Go actually requires a user to sign in or signup in order to order. The checkout process also involves to option to "Add a Tip" and the user only has the option to pay online for orders rather than the option to pay over the counter. I feel these things add a lot of friction to the customer user experience and will reduce conversions overall. 

Personally, I also feel that if you are ordering online for pickup you should not be asked for a tip during the checkout process. While enforcing the user the pay online might be a feature some restaurants want, giving the user flexibility is important and will lead to more sales down the line. In addition, the restaurant is incurring a 3% reduction in profits each time sometimes unnecessarily. 

Dashboard Interface

The menu creation for Mobi2Go is very user unfriendly. They have the option to import your menu from a csv file, but not instructions on how that csv file should be constructed. There are many questionable design choices made in their interface that make menu creation and customization "a pain". That being said, they are one of the few that offers such customization and branding. If you are already willing to pay the extra price for the platforms features and menu customization  then you might also want to look into hiring a menu developer or paying Mobi2Go extra for the setup.  

Is there Facebook Ordering?

They do not have this feature or functionality at this time.

Data and Analytics

They offer "The Flexibility and Power to analyze your customer data" but that is something that should already be on your legacy restaurant website. 

Existing Customers

From their website, they have thousands of locations including MadMex, Ribs & Burgers and Sumo Salad. These all seem to be smaller or lesser know restaurants for the most part.

Customer Support

Customer support is via email. They don't have chat support or phone support. They do make an initial call when you sign up, but that is more of a sales and information call. 


There is a few pros and cons with using Mobi2Go as an online ordering platform. The pros are they are a completely white label custom solution that integrates with a variety of POS systems. The cons are the price, commission and relatively un-intuitive platform. They actually admit that in their signup email.

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