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Custom Domains Using Netlify and NameCheap

Using custom domains with Netlify and NameCheap.

By Alex Quasar


You can host a custom domain name with Netlify by pointing your DNS (domain name server) to Netlify. If you are using Github, Gitlab or BitBucket then simply select Add New Site on Netlify and it will pull in your source code. This article assumes you have used one of the three above and have a site ready to be deployed to production


Pseudo Custom Domain

Netlify will automatically give you a random domain name ending with `` or now `` You can, however, change this by going to Settings andDomain management, which will give you a custom name followed by ``.It is a pseudo custom domain because you can name it whatever you like, assuming it is not taken but it will still have trailing ``.

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Hooking Up A Custom Domain
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Under Settings and Domain Management click the green button Add Custom Domain

This will prompt you to add a custom domain, which you will need to verify that you own. If you do not own a custom domain, go ahead and purchase one on NameCheap and see you in a couple minutes.

Now that we have a custom domain, you can enter it in and click Verify

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This took me back the Domain Management View. You will need to to setup Netlify DNS on the domain you just verified. Make sure to get the name servers provided by Netlify during the set up process.

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In Step 2, make sure to update the domain's name servers with the ones provided to you by Netlify.

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I use Namecheap because they offer free WhoIsGuard protection. This means that they will keep your contact information such as your email, address and phone number from becoming publicly available. They also have great customer support and are similarly priced to Go Daddy.

In your Namecheap dashboard, do the following.

  1. Go to your domain list and click on Manage-> Advanced DNS

  2. Change the name server to Custom DNS

  3. Paste in the values you got from Netlify into these fields.

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Once you have gone through the steps, it might take up to 48 hours for the changes to propagate. However, it typically takes no more than one hour.

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