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At CodePaper we want to deliver the best results for you and your business every step of the way

Our mission is the help small businesses grow online. We want to partner with them to provide amazing websites and effective online marketing solutions

Alex Hoy

Executitve Account Manager

I work with a group and network of other developers, designers and agencies to provide custom but cost effective agency services.

Through this network we can provide custom solutions to your business at scale. We are looking to grow to and expand, and I believe right now is the ripe opportunity to do so

I have worked with companies large and smale such as Go Auto, Finning Canada and Mindable in roles such as Analyst, Developer and Digital Marketing Expert.

Abdel (Abdo) Houchami

Business Development Strategist

Abdo is a larger than life local business consultant . He knows a large network of local businesses in the Edmonton area and is a former construction company owner that built secondary suits around the city.

Before that he went to the University of Alberta and completed a Geophysics specialization degree. Where he found his love the writing code and mathematics.

He keeps up to date with the latest business industry and technical knowledge and is a proud father of 2 kids.

Ibinabo Bestman

Data Analytics & Visualization Expert

Recent graduate from the University of Alberta with a MSc in Geophysics. I have programming experience using Python, MATLAB and R for data analysis

Familiar with python libraries such as Numpy, pandas and matplotlib for machine learning. Proficient in data visualization using Tableau and data wrangling using postgre SQL.

Natisha Persuad

Designer and lllustrator

Natisha is a Designer and lllustrator specializing in custom web illustrations and motion graphics that will personalize brands and allow them to tell their stories through unique, eye-capturing imagery

She is dedicated to designing clean, modern websites with high quality visuals that will engage and captivate audiences. She approaches all design solutions creatively, methodically and authentically, while factoring in user ability, visual hierarchy, interactive experiences and responsiveness.

Tech Stack

Divide and Conquer

Knowing technologies such as React, Vue or GraphQL is one thing, but being able to identify which tool, service or platform to use in a cost effective way for the right job is another.

Depending on your business requirements, budget and potential future needs we will use the right technology for you and provide you with a cost effective business solution.

Right Tool for the Right Job

  • React/Gatsby
  • Shopify
  • WordPress

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